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Weight Loss and Relationships

Do skinny people have all the fun?

Some women or man when in a long-term relationship start feeling too comfortable with their lives and the way they look. Quiet evenings watching TV with a large plate of snacks, home cooked food, spending weekends at home feeling lazy and completely happy about not going anywhere… You eat at the right time and you always have breakfast, lunch and dinner. You eat not because you are hungry, but just because it is time to eat and the food is served at the table. Does this sound familiar to you?

You stop planning the usual Friday nights out, you stop looking for someone special to meet; you are completely happy with your life and your relationship, and the result of all this happiness is that you start gaining weight.

You notice that it is often that you are going to the store to get a new pair of jeans or a dress, but not because you love newer styles, simply because your own clothes do not fit you anymore. And now you start to think that with all these extra pounds you lost the fun in your life.

Why Heavy People Like To Eat

Lack of usual activities that you always had in the past as a single person including sex put you in situation where you lose excitement in your life, and on the top of that you start believing that skinny girls and boys have all the fun in the world and much happier than you are.

The studies regarding relationship of body weight and sexual activities show that weight itself does not directly effect human sexuality, but depression does. People who are depressed, more often are less inclined to participate in sex due to lack of self-esteem, and that lead to decrease doing things that make them feel good in the past, like sex and more often they switch to consuming more food instead because eating become a habit that makes you feel good.

Satisfaction is the key. It’s much easier and faster to get satisfaction from food than sex. You have endless choices and food is more accessible. You do not need to compromise anything. All our lives most of us have to compromise; we take the job that is available and not the one we love, we buy things that we can afford and not the ones we want. But food is different. If you want sweet or salty, spicy or bland, it’s all there with no dreams and disappointments. Your brain and your body become more and more lazy and your laziness becomes the biggest contributor to the increase in fat.

I Want My Fun Life Back!

So one day you decide to start a new life and lose some weight, not because of your health, but just because you feel that if you turn your body weight back to the way you looked few years ago, it will bring back all the fun and enjoyment that you had in the pass.

Weight Loss and Relationships: 3 Easy Steps to Lose Weight

3 Easy Steps to Lose Weight & Keep it Off

If you have been around the weight loss block few times already, then you know how hard it is lose weight, and even harder to keep it off. How many times have you tried to lose weight only to end up disappointed? I know what hasn’t worked for you in the past, but NOW with the Body Key System by Nutrilite, you may unlock the secret of Weight Loss for life!

I recently came across this BODYKEY system by NUTRILITE weight management program which seems very simple and effective. This system can work for everyone because it is based in your genetics that shows exactly how every individual should effectively manage their weight.

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There are 3 different plans available to choose from which after the genetic test you will know which plan is right for you:

1. Carb Reducer Plan
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2. Fat Trimmer Plan
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3. Better Balancer Plan
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What do you have to lose beside your weight?

There are many people who have already benefited from this system. Read their success stories and unlock the secrets of weight loss with confidence in just 30 days!

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