Weight Loss and Relationships – Plus Size Women

Weight Loss and Relationships

Do skinny people have all the fun?

Some women or man when in a long-term relationship start feeling too comfortable with their lives and the way they look. Quiet evenings watching TV with a large plate of snacks, home cooked food, spending weekends at home feeling lazy and completely happy about not going anywhere… You eat at the right time and you always have breakfast, lunch and dinner. You eat not because you are hungry, but just because it is time to eat and the food is served at the table. Does this sound familiar to you?

You stop planning the usual Friday nights out, you stop looking for someone special to meet; you are completely happy with your life and your relationship, and the result of all this happiness is that you start gaining weight.

You notice that it is often that you are going to the store to get a new pair of jeans or a dress, but not because you love newer styles, simply because your own clothes do not fit you anymore. And now you start to think that with all these extra pounds you lost the fun in your life.

Why Heavy People Like To Eat

Lack of usual activities that you always had in the past as a single person including sex put you in situation where you lose excitement in your life, and on the top of that you start believing that skinny girls and boys have all the fun in the world and much happier than you are.

The studies regarding relationship of body weight and sexual activities show that weight itself does not directly effect human sexuality, but depression does. People who are depressed, more often are less inclined to participate in sex due to lack of self-esteem, and that lead to decrease doing things that make them feel good in the past, like sex and more often they switch to consuming more food instead because eating become a habit that makes you feel good.

Satisfaction is the key. It’s much easier and faster to get satisfaction from food than sex. You have endless choices and food is more accessible. You do not need to compromise anything. All our lives most of us have to compromise; we take the job that is available and not the one we love, we buy things that we can afford and not the ones we want. But food is different. If you want sweet or salty, spicy or bland, it’s all there with no dreams and disappointments. Your brain and your body become more and more lazy and your laziness becomes the biggest contributor to the increase in fat.

I Want My Fun Life Back!

So one day you decide to start a new life and lose some weight, not because of your health, but just because you feel that if you turn your body weight back to the way you looked few years ago, it will bring back all the fun and enjoyment that you had in the pass.

Weight Loss and Relationships: 3 Easy Steps to Lose Weight

3 Easy Steps to Lose Weight & Keep it Off

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Fashion Plus Size Shrugs for Women

plus size shrugs

Plus Size Shrugs

Everybody needs to look and feel great in what they are wearing, particularly if it’s for an extraordinary event. While we all want to enjoy our summer, being plus sized means once in a while covering up slightly more than some other ladies, even in the warmth. Numerous plus size ladies feel uncomfortable demonstrating their upper arms in sleeveless choices, so when you locate the ideal dress or top and it doesn’t have sleeves, what do you do? You locate the ideal shrug to wear with it.

For such well-assembled ladies plus size shrug garments is something that has turned out to be more accessible. Shrugs include a touch of style whether you need a stylish regular look or need something more exquisite. They are perfect for a considerable length of time when you require additional covering without the heft of a coat, and they function admirably for an extensive variety of events. Plus size ladies can discover an assortment of shrugs in various hues and styles to coordinate their needs and individual taste.

In this article, we will highlight on the advantages of plus size apparel, a portion of the styles that are made accessible, enlighten you on the most proficient method to choose plus size shrugs and some great spots where you can search for them. What’s more we will likewise share a couple key plus size shrug dressing secrets that keep plus size young ladies looking awesome and feeling good.

What to Look for When Buying Plus Size Shrugs

Ladies of all sizes and shapes can appreciate wearing a sharp-looking shrug. These closet staples can be worn over a top or even a dress. They can include a layer of warmth or give scope to the arms and shoulder range.

There are distinctive sorts of shrugs and colors accessible to fit all identities and mold styles while being extremely adaptable with pretty much any outfit you pick. Truth be told they are taking the spotlight more than any little sizes ever could. What better approach to shimmer and sparkle than with ravishing shrugs that become the dominant focal point; those that keep you warm and comfortable?

How about we dive on a portion of the best shrugs in the market:- You’ll need to match these shrugs, with all that you wear — fall, winter, spring or summer!

  • On top of the list is the Amber Plus Size Shrug which has every one of the components that you can consider.
  • The vintage style shrugs are immaculate to coordinate with the vintage dresses, and the shorter length shrug looks simply impeccable blended and coordinated with your most loved maxi dresses or party dresses.
  • Little light weight shrugs are so flawless amid the more sultry months and a flexible choice to blend and match.

These amazing plus size shrugs are a significant expansion to the awe-inspiring lady’s closet. No closet is finished without an assortment to look over!

Advantages of Plus Size Shrugs

  • Keeps you warm- Shrugs will allow you to stay warm and agreeable while staying put with the latest fashion trends.
  • Are Stylish and Upto date with Fashion-Most of the time apparel that is intended to shield you from the climate is not smart or popular, but rather will be somewhat miserable and obsolete. Shrugs can be the response to the issue and can permit you to stay put with the latest fashion styles.
  • Are Compatible with Most Dresses and Tops – If you purchase a decent or regular shaded shrug, it can run with any shade of dress whether it is a skirt or a trouser. Great style is something to concentrate on and the plus sized shrug can run with pretty much anything you covet as a result of the sheer shade of the shrug. You can wear them with any top or shirt of your decision and still look extremely stylish.

How to Choose Plus Size Shrugs- A Complete Buying Guide

When buying a plus size shrug, there are important factors that you need to consider: –

1. Coverage

The main thing that you ought to be worried about while selecting a shrug is whether it really gives you the covering that you need. Now and again, a plus size shrug may itself have short, scanty sleeves that don’t cover your arms that you need hid. This is the reason it is urgent that you really attempt the shrug on to see where the trim of the sleeve hits on your arm.

2. Fabric

Another thought is the texture from which your plus size shrug is made. Shrugs can be produced using an assortment of materials and textures, and you need to ensure that your shrug completely matches your outfit.

3. Weather

You likewise need to ensure that the shrug is suits the weather. Positively you would prefer not to wear an overwhelming weaved shrug in the summer.

4. Skin Exposure

Be cautious with sewed shrugs that uncover a great deal of skin, as this look might be unflattering and may overcome the reason for wearing a plus size conceal.

5. Check whether the plus size shrug matches with your dress

It’s additionally a smart thought to ensure that the shrug really looks right with the dress, top, or outfit that you plan to match it with. Much of the time, ladies purchase a plus size shrug to run with a particular outfit, so it might be savvy to really wear or bring that outfit with you while looking for a shrug so you know precisely how it will match with your outfit.

Where Can you Buy Plus Size Shrugs?

Discovering places that offer plus size shrugs is much less demanding than it used to be quite a while back. You can undoubtedly discover plus size shrugs in:


These days most stores will have some kind of plus size division or on the off chance that it is not in its own particular office, everything will be combined into allowing you to shop effortlessly and be in your own customary range of familiarity.

2.Shopping centers

Outlet shopping centers and malls frequently give you the choice to order for the size you require in the event that they don’t as of now have what you require. This can get you a thing shipped in from the processing plant or be specially crafted if that is the situation.


Online stores may have the greatest assortment, since when they can send them straight from the manufacturing plant, giving a much more extensive decision of plus size shrugs to choose from. You simply need to discover the sites offering plus size shrugs and afterward select the shrug you like the most.


Numerous plus size ladies are sensitive about exposing their upper arms. In the event that you expect that they are too substantial or heavy, a plus size shrug can restore your confidence and make you feel more great wearing sleeveless attire. Diverse styles of shrugs and places to get them in a plus sizes have turned out to be more accessible to the general population and give you a much more extensive choice in styles. In the event that you discover shrugs that you like and that are agreeable, consider purchasing a few in various colors and styles to match with your outfits.

5 Ways to Find Plus Size Stores Near Me

plus size stores

5 Ways to Find Plus Size Stores Near Me

Do you know how to find a local plus size store?
How to find plus size stores near me?
What plus size stores nearby?

Maybe you have the same questions above if you are a curvy/plus size women.
Well, there are many way to find, such as:

  • Search online
  • Walk street experience
  • Friends mouth
  • Bloggers reviews
  • and etc

Could you share your valuable opinion of this topic? Our plus size sisters would love to konw. 😀

Now, these are 5 ways to find plus size stores near me:

5 Ways (Search Online)

For example: plus size stores near New York

You can also use different keywords fit for you: plus size dress, plus size clothing and etc

  1. Choose You City(New York)
  2. Find what you want(plus size clothing)
  3. Then Click Search, there are many results, you can filter them according to what you need.
  4. Check them in maps. See what store near you.
  5. Get direction


Plus Size Stores Yelp   Choose You City(New York)

Find what you want(plus size clothing)

Then Click Search, there are many results, you can filter them according what you need.


Plus Size Stores foursquare



Plus Size Stores Google

plus size stores yahoo


Plus Size Stores Bing

So, if you want to find plus size stores online, you can use these 5 websites above.


Hi dear plus size sisters, why don’t you share about your thoughts?

We are all ears!

Buying Guide for Plus Size Shapewear

Buying Guide for Plus Size Shapewear

Unlimited Buying Guide for Plus Size Shapewear

Everybody should appreciate their body. It does not matter what what size or shape they are. However, there are also those who can feel self-conscious about their size and shape or about certain body parts. Those in this category are often those who find themselves wearing plus size clothing. There is some good news for these people. That is, that shapewear gives people opportunity to have some sort of control about how they look. Wearers will be able to accentuate, smooth or compress certain body parts for a short period of time. There are also many other benefits that come with shapewear. Wearers should always keep in mind that such undergarments must be worn correctly. If not, they are at risk. Particularly those in the plus size category. If you are searching for shapewear, it is important to know what garments are out there. You should also know how quickly your appearance can change by wearing such garments, and how to wear them correctly.

This Buying Guide for Plus Size Shapewear will provide information about: why shapewear should be worn, accentuating and shaping, types of plus size shapewear, finding the right fit and much more.

Why Wear Shapewear?

There are thousands of reasons why shapewear should be worn. Shapewear will obviously make the wearer look shapelier and slimmer to what they really are. Some advertising say that these garments can cellulite reduction, and help a person to lose weight. Other benefits must be researched well before making a purchase. Shapewear comes in a variety of pieces. All of these pieces come with different functions. This means that those in the plus size category must have certain goals in mind. Such goals might include: slimming the hips or losing weight. Wearers will need to have a good understanding about what these garments can do in order to create their goals.

Slimming And Smoothing.

There are a lot of pieces that can compress certain body parts. These include girdles and corsets. In fact, they may even reduce a person’s dress size by as much as two sizes. The piece can be designed to give attention to a certain area, such as the stomach, or it can compress the whole body evenly. This involves the use of compression panels.

Shapewear also has the ability to smooth out bulges. Such bulges include “muffin-top” or “love-handles”. This is where the skin can be seen over the edge of shorts or tight pants. There are a few people who are quite content with their weight, but will still jump at the chance to smooth out their body. Particularly if the body can be smoothed out underneath tight or sheer clothing.

Accentuating And Shaping.

Shapewear can quite literally change an individual’s body shape. Women who are cucumber or apple shape can wear corsets in order to become an hourglass shape. A woman’s bottom and hips can be reduced by wearing compression briefs. This will help them to attract attention to their chest. Shapewear can also accentuate the bottom or bust area. This is done by lifting these body parts to a more prominent shape. However, it is up to the wearer as to what body shape they desire when it comes to choosing their shapewear.

Improving Posture.

Posture can also be improved by wearing shapewear that will compress the torso area. Some shapewear will have elastic bands on them. This is designed to lift and pull shoulders into their correct position. This type of shapewear is heavier and thickier than others. However, improved posture looks great on everybody. This means that those who are in the plus size category can gain more confidence, and appear to look younger and slimmer. Whilst improved posture looks good, the musculoskeletal health also plays a part on good posture.

Men’s Shapewear.

It has always been assumed that shapewear is only for women. However, as more options become available they are now being designed for men. Advertisements on shapewear for men usually says that such garments only focus on posture. It is not so much about losing weight or improving shape. However, men still can have the same number of benefits that women do. All men’s pieces of this garment are really not much different to the women’s pieces at all.

Types Of Plus Size Shapewear

It is vital for everyone to understand what types of shapewear is available before making a purchase. Wearers should also know how such garment can change the overall look of a plus size body. Once wearers have a good understanding about this, they can then wear a full multi-layered outfit. This can be worn under regular clothing. It will hide unwanted body parts. At the same time shapewear will improve a wearers shape and size. Girdle and corsets are quite well known words in today’s world. These words are just two types of shapewear that can be worn. However, the corsets and girdle’s can be easily confused. Different manufacturers may have different forms of language. Bodysuits and body briefs are different names, but they still have the same meaning. Shapewear for both women and men can also come with different names. It does not matter if they do the same job. This is why shapewear garments should be arranged according to their usage rather than their name.

Compressing The Waist.

A corset is designed to compress the waist. They use rigid rods. These rods are called: “boning”. Its purpose is to squeeze the torso together and to hold it on to an hourglass body shape. There are a few briefs and girdles that can extend over the waist. They use an elastic band or boning to define an individual’s waistline area. Waist cinches and compression vests for men do the same thing. On men they help the waist to look smaller than what it really is. As a result, they will accentuate the chest muscles in the chest area of the body.

Flattening The Stomach.

Girdles and wide belts are designed to smooth the hips and flatten the stomach. Shorts or panties, also known as briefs have the ability to do this as well. Most of the time they will use elastic smoothing panels or compression panels to help them do their job correctly.

Shaping The Arms.

To reduce jiggle and to compress the upper up, a wearer will need to wear arm bands. There is one disadvantage that comes with this. That is that the upper arms cannot move around when wearing a sleeveless top. These tops cannot hide the arm band.

Smoothing The Legs And The Rear.

Briefs are designed to shape and smooth the rear, the belly, the hips and the thighs. This is the same for both men and women. Briefs will help to remove undesired body parts, love handles and muffin tops. There are many different briefs that can be worn. Some will do a better job than underwear when it comes to large garments. Such briefs will hide all body parts from the bottom of the chest down to the knee. Women in particular will love briefs because they remove panty lines that can shear underneath regular clothing.

Smoothing And Compressing The Whole Body.

To compress and smooth out the whole body, wearers will need to wear a bodysuit. This shapewear is worn right from the shoulders to the knees. This will perform all the necessary functions that other garments can do. With the exception of arm bands. Women will discover that body suits for them will come with bustiers or bras. This means that a women should go with the same sizing as their regular bra. Compression camis may also be worn to shape a woman’s hip and upper body. This is ideal if a woman does not want to bring attention to their lower body areas. Whole-body shapewear have a great benefit in that underwear lines will be completely removed. The disadvantage is that it can be tricky getting such garments on and off the body. If you are wearing a sheer tight outfit, then a body suit is suitable to wear underneath. Particularly if such an outfit will only be worn for a short period of time.

Wearing Plus Size Shapewear

This particular shapewear is no good unless somebody is wearing it. However, such garments will only do their job if a wearer understands their context correctly. For attractiveness, safety, and comfort, it is vital that all wearers know how to fit it correctly and know what certain look they want on their body.

Attacking Problem Areas.

Sometimes all people want is to look smaller. Most plus size individual’s are sure to have droopy areas, bulges or general problem areas they would rather have covered up. Personal physique could be a problem for some. Whilst others find clothing to be a problem. Even individuals who do not have any weight will have an odd bulge in their body. You can be sure that most people will have skin that can be seen if wearing tight low-cut jeans. Always have some goals in mind about how you want your body to be shaped before purchasing shapewear. Once you know what your goals are, you can then purchase shapewear that will help you to achieve your goals.

Finding The Right Fit.

Sometimes individuals will purchase shapewear that is a few sizes too small for them. People think that is a squeeze is good, then they should choose a tight garment. However, a tight garment will not be comfortable at all. In fact, it may even become dangerous. Not only that but it will also not give you a good look compared to a well fitted piece of garment. It may sound a bit strange but the garment that comes with bulges and rumples, particularly at the end of the shapewear, is actually too small rather than too big.

Be sure to purchase shapewear that is the correct size for you. If you are in the plus size category, then choose plus size shapewear. Before making a purchase, always try the garment on. If you find that you cannot move in it, or if it pinches on you, then do not choose that size.

Wearing Shapewear Safely.

Old-fashioned corsets were both dangerous and uncomfortable at the same time. This is because they would prevent the wearer from breathing and would cause internal injury. Women in the olden days often found themselves fainting because of this. These days, modern shapewear has been constructed so that it is more comfortable for the wearer. No one wears such garments all day every day. However, if today’s shapewear is too tight, it can still be just as dangerous as old-fashioned garments. There are also other dangerous that come with such shapewear.

Possible Dangers of Shapewear.

If shapewear is worn in the correct way, then they will be comfortable and safe. Below is a list of dangers that may occur if such shapewear is not worn correctly. The list also talks about what the dangers may involve, as well as how such dangers can be recognized. It is best to stay away from such dangers before they turn into something serious.

  • Acid Reflux

If the shapewear is squeezing the torso area too tightly, you may experience heartburn or acid reflux.

Acid reflux over a short period of time will only be a little uncomfortable. However, you may end up getting ulcers from chronic acid reflux. Reflux is sure to occur, if your torso is being squeezed too tightly. This may harm other organs in your body.

  • Blood Clots

If a shapewear garment is too tight on you, this means that your blood will not be able to freely move around in your arms and legs. This means it may not get to your heart. If the blood is unable to move around freely then it may clot up. If the clots eventually reach the brain, lung or heart, then you may die from this.

If swelling occurs, this means that the blood is unable to move around. If you notice this, be sure to take the garment off straight away. This will allow the blood to move around freely again. Other signs that can show that your blood is not moving, include: paleness, tingling and numbness.

  • Breathing Difficulties

Garments worn around the stomach or torso area, including vests and corsets, may have an impact on your breathing. If you have difficulty breathing, you may end up fainting.

If you find your stomach and chest have to make effort in order for you to breathe, then you can be sure the garment is too tight for you.

  • Not Exercising

Do not let shapewear allow you to eat more and exercise less. The correct diet and exercise is vital for good health. Even if you are OK with your weight, you should still continue to exercise regularly and eat well always.

If you are a plus size individual then wearing shapewear is fantastic in smoothing out your body. It will help you to look both smooth and slim. Never wear shapewear that is too tight or too small. This will only cause heart problems. Be sure that you wear such garments correctly and in the correct size.

Buying Plus Size Shapewear On Amazon

Know what shapewear you need? Then you can go ahead and purchase some. If you cannot find anything in your local area, then come to Amazon. We will have a brief look at how how to search for the correct shapewear and how to go ahead with the purchasing process.

If you know what you are after, then the Advance Search Feature on Amazon is the best place to do your search. If not, you can simply search for shapewear. Such garments will probably be found under a few different categories. Most of the shapewear on Amazon are for women only. If you are a man, then it is best to search for men’s shapewear. You can also choose to narrow your results by using specific criteria such as price and condition.

Always read the product listing information very carefully when purchasing on Amazon. You do not want to with the wrong piece of garment. You can ask questions to the seller if you are unsure about something. You can also have a look at the feedback ratings of a seller. All sellers should have a good record of excellent customer service. If they do, then it is safe to make your purchase. Also look for a return policy and whether or not the seller provides insurance for shipping.

Warm Tips

In this buying guide for plus size shapewear, we have seen that shapewear can make plus size women look attractive. Problem body parts can be hidden by these fantastic garments. Be sure that the garments fit correctly in order to be comfortable. If they do not fit correctly, you may experience a range of health problems. If you are a plus size individual, then shapewear is a fantastic garment to include in your wardrobe.

Buying Guide for Plus Size Lingerie

Buying Guide for Plus Size Lingerie

Unlimited Buying Guide for Plus Size Lingerie

A woman who is a plus size has a great opportunity to show off her curves by wearing some beautiful lingerie. It does not matter if it is being worn for her lover, or if she desires to wear something soft and silky when she goes to bed. You will be very happy to know that there is a wide range of plus size lingerie available. You are not short of choices. Once you have come to understand what the lingerie features, you will then be able to choose such items with great ease. The lingerie will also fit well and you will feel comfortable in no time.

In this Buying Guide for Plus Size Lingerie we will have a brief look at how you can choose the correct type, size and material. It will also discuss how you can get some good attention to your assets, and what accessories can be worn. The guide will inform you about what lingerie colors are available, as well as setting a budget and how you can purchase such items from Amazon.

Choosing The Correct Size.

Before you go ahead to purchase some lingerie, it is important that you know how to choose the right size for your body. It will not be very flattering if you are wearing lingerie that is too big for you. On the other hand, if you wear lingerie that is too small, then you are sure to feel rather uncomfortable and tight. Lingerie has a very big range of plus size sizes. Such sizes begin at 1X. However, please keep in mind that different manufacturers will have different sizing options. This means that is a good idea to have a good look at a sizing chart before you go ahead and purchase anything. This is because some lingerie will be different to what their size says. Many stores will have a sizing chart available for customers to have a look at. Often the chat can be viewed on the stores website or it may be printed on the tag. The best way to know however, is to get measurements of your body. Once you have the correct measurements, you can then begin to compare it to the measurements of the lingerie. Most shorts, panties and other bottom lingerie will likely be sized in numbers. These will often be from size sixteen and higher. Tops, bras and corsets will probably be the same as your normal bra size.

Choosing The Type Of Lingerie.

There are many different types of lingerie. The type you that choose will really depend on what you are wearing it for. Bustier, teddies, corsets and other enjoyable costumes are designed to be worn in bed and in the bedroom. These are very ideal for those romantic nights with your lover. Boy short sets, or silky nighties can simply be worn to bed on any other night. Shapewear, panties and bras are designed for wearing underneath all types of regular clothing.

Choosing The Right Material.

There are a wide range of material for lingerie. Some of these materials include the following: Blended Fabrics, Cotton, Lace, Satin, Silk.

Again, the material choice really will depend on what you are wearing it for and what you would prefer to wear. The lingerie should also be comfortable on you. Lace, for example, is best worn if you are having a romantic night with your lover. Cotton, however, can be worn at any time.

Emphasizing Assets With Lingerie.

Women selecting plus size lingerie generally want to show off her beautiful body assets. She will want to hide her problem areas that aren’t so nice. To focus on beautiful assets, the dcolletage will look fantastic in a bustier, a fitted corset, or other lingerie that has a plunging neckline. If a woman’s make a great asset on her, then short boy shorts or a skimpy nightie should be worn. Because there are a wide range of lingerie women can choose from, this leaves room for countless possibilities. Not only that, but women who wear these are sure to look both sexy and stunning at the same time.

Accessories And Finishing Touches.

Wearing accessories with your lingerie will bring it all together. For example, a fantastic pair of stiletto shoes will suit just about any kind of sexy lingerie. Thigh high stockings along with a garter belt will be ideal for the skimpier lingerie. This can include panty sets, a matching bra or teddies. Costume jewelry may also be worn with all types of lingerie. This will help you to get creative, fun and flirty at the same time. You will also feel beautiful wearing such jewelry. To add to all that, a shimmering body mist or body glitter really must be included. Your lover is sure to love the smell on you. Doing this is sure to keep everyone happy throughout the night.

Choosing The Colors.

You can be sure that all the colors of the rainbow are covered when it comes to lingerie colors. You can choose a color that suits your skin, or your lovers favorite color, or your own favorite color. If you are a slim woman who is self conscious when wearing lingerie, then black will be ideal for you. If wearing lingerie in the bedroom, you can be sure that red will be fantastic because it is red hot.

Choosing Your Budget.

We can promise you that all lingerie will meet every budget. If you are sticking to a set budget, you will be happy to know there are some very affordable lingerie sets available. With that in mind, if the lingerie has been washed a few times, the cheap sets may not be made well and might not last long. The colors may also fade out, or seams may loosen up. If you are seeking higher quality that will last longer, the more expensive lingerie will be designed out of better materials. They will also come in amazing embellishments such as: intricate, sequins or rhinestones.

Choosing From Amazon.

If you are searching for plus size lingerie, Amazon is a fantastic place to come. Here you will find a very large amount of well-known lingerie brands. Some of these well-known brands range from: La Perta, Victoria’s Secret and Agent Provocateur. All plus sizes begin from 1X. There are many different types of lingerie that can be found on Amazon. These types include the following: underwear, costumes and shapewear. Whilst you are on Amazon, you will also find a huge variety of beauty and body products as well as accessories. All of these come at very affordable prices.

Warm Tips

In this Buying Guide for Plus Size Lingerie, we have seen just how important it is to know what size you are before going ahead to make your purchases. It has discussed the type of lingerie that is available, and its material. You have also been informed about how you can bring attention to your best assets, and what accessories can be used. We can promise you that there is lingerie that suits all budget types. By visiting Amazon, you will soon get a good idea of what styles, colors and prices the lingerie is available in. You are sure to find something that suits your needs and will make you feel comfortable. Why not give it a try sometime. You might be surprised at just how comfortable it is.

Buying Guide for Plus Size Skirts

Buying Guide for Plus Size Skirts

Unlimited Buying Guide for Plus Size Skirts

It is crystal clear that the process of purchasing for plus-sized women is a daunting task. There are reasons for this including; Most local women’s’ stores are known to have a very few collection of clothes that are plus size, and that includes plus size skirts. Moreover, certain stores that provide plus size clothes have shapeless, and unattractive clothing at their disposal. Lastly, most of the women who are plus sized are insecure about their types of body, a phenomenon that is strengthened by the lifeless selection clothing that is full sized available in most of the retail shops. Luckily enough, recently a large number of designers have embraced the importance of making clothing lines intended for women who are fully figured. It is evident that the internet is an ideal place of accessing plus size clothes, and certain websites such as Amazon have a complete selection of clothing from the entire globe. The success toward purchasing skirts for a plus sized woman is to concentrate on the color, style, and fit, for a fabulous and appealing looks that show the natural curves of a woman.

Sizing Skirts that Are Size Plus.

One of the essential features of plus size clothing is purchasing the correct fit. If you buy a size that seems too large, the skirt is likely to be an ill-fitting one. If you purchase a size that is too small, again the skirt is likely to look tightly patched on the hips. Additionally, size clothing often begins at size sixteen and expands up to size twenty-six. In fact, getting the correct size is not such an easy task even when purchasing from a store where women are given the privilege of trying the clothes in the fitting place. Most designers in most instances are likely to fake on the size of clothing, so whereas a woman might be a size sixteen somewhere, she can again be a size higher or smaller in a different designer label.

Another confusing element on this is that certain designers do not label or indicate the respective dress dimensions on the skirts, and instead decide to name them as extra large, large or di-extra large. However, those who shop online don’t have the opportunity of trying their clothes before buying. In this case, therefore, a size chart plus a measuring tape can prove useful. Specifically for skirts, a woman should precisely measure herself on the hips and the waist. Kindly study the size sheet of every designer and see what the specific dimensions the measurements fall under. For a better plus size clothing buying guide, the chart below shows the average measurements for sizing.

WAIST (cm)839198104110116
HIPS (cm)103116124130136142

For more plus size chart information, please go to visit: http://howthelook.com/plus-size-chart/

Bearing in mind that one is well acquainted with the scales of sizing, the next task to be tackled would be the process of getting into the skirt’s length.

Skirt Length.

In the case of skirts, the issue of length is as important as any other aspect of it. Some women find bragging about their legs a pleasure, as opposed to others. Moreover, it is again true that other brands of short skirts are not recommended for office wear. Women who are fully figured, and with wider legs, need to grasp that the stretch of skirts that are tight fitting should be raised on their body. This is so because the fabric should stretch around both the legs and their hips. The below chart describes the average sizes of skirt length based on type. Also, bear in mind that if the issue of length is always going to a limiting factor, always confirm with the provider when buying skirts through the internet and confirm its length before you purchase it. It is an essential buying guide for plus size skirts and never forgets.

SKIRT TYPEMini SkirtMidi SkirtKnee SkirtCalf SkirtMaxi Skirt
AVERAGE LENGTH (cm)3545557595

After understanding this critical feature, getting the desired skirt style is the next procedure on the things to do list.

Choosing A Style for the Plus Size Skirt.

The most attractive types of attire are those that are made for a woman’s body type. Such clothes tend to minimize some areas and improve others for a decent fit in the ideal style. When a woman is not sure about her type of body, measure hips, waist and bust. Nobody should be discouraged due to the perception that women who are plus sized don’t possess a body type. The truth is, most plus sized women, with their curves that are elegant, fall into the category of the body type of hourglass, which is the perfect type of body. To be precise, hourglass figures have hips and bust that are almost of the same size, and both areas are typically larger than the waist. The other body type that is common is the pear type of body. In this body type, the bust is notably smaller than the hips or waist. The apple type is somehow rare for plus sizes, and in this category, the bust is notably bigger than the waist and hips. The other less common plus size type is the banana body type, where waist, bust, and hips are all of the same sizes.

Skirts That are Plus Sized for Figures That are Hourglass.

It is interesting to note that the hourglass figure looks appealing in almost everything. Check out a magazine for fashion for women who are full figured and wonder at all the models that are plus sized putting on the same design of clothes as their counterparts who are skinnier. All styles look attractive on this type of body type, but there exist numerous options for purchasing clothes that are gratifying. Choosing a skirt having a belt which accents the waist’s small size as compared to the hips flare. Pencil skirts coupled with their hemline block that is straight out the waist and hips making a long, line that is bold and elongates the limbs. Any color is okay with hourglass figures, though most experts of fashion prefer staying away from making huge color blocks for plus sizes. For instance, if a woman buys a blue top, then it is recommended that she gets a skirt with a color that is completely different. Monif C is notably a designer who is popular and produces a lovely collection of clothes specifically designed for plus sized women.

Skirts for Pear Figures.

It is evident that pear figures are notably bigger on their bottom than on the top. The clothing that is shapeless often found in plus size stores does nothing for this kind of figure. Instead, women should appreciate clothing styles for women who are large hipped and get the perfect skirt designed specifically for them by sticking to some suggestions. First, when you buy a skirt, go for a dark color and blend it with a top that is light. Colors that are dark minimize areas, while colors that are light minimize them. However, it does not imply that each skirt should to be a boring black shade, which in most cases seems too harsh. Enjoy going for skirts with a bit of color using navy, brown, plus other dark shades. Skirts that are low waisted cut the area of the hip into a half making it rather smaller in looks. A-line skirts, which slightly flare about the hemline, give the impression the hips are typically smaller than they seem to be. Pear figures should keep off from pencil skirts that tapered because the style only makes the hips look larger. The same implies for high waist skirts.


Forget the rule that is old-fashioned that plus sized ladies are supposed to put on black. While it could be true that dark colors give the impression of a trivial body area compared to light colors, there is no concrete purpose why black should be the ultimate option. For one reason, this color is completely draining. It is never appealing on many types of skin and thus makes most women look increasingly pale. The essential step for a woman who is full figured to feel comfort in her body is going against the grain. As mentioned previously, while pear types should stick with dark clothes for the skirts, they can choose from a range of other darker shades apart from black. Hourglass types may opt for any other shade of the rainbow, from demure white to bold purple and everything in between.

Purchasing Skirts That are Plus Size on Amazon.

The bare truth is that internet revolutionized the process of purchasing clothes for many women who are full figured. Anciently, plus size women had to go by whatever she could access in local shops. Nowadays, the entire globe of fashion is ultimately at her fingertips. Amazon is arguably the best for online shopping since its electronic platform puts clings together sellers of all different cultures from the entire globe . Women can access skirts from all of the classy designers with ease. These items are sold in either new or second-hand options. The second-hand option proves useful when one is short of funds, and Amazon offers a wider range of selection of women clothing that is used, including skirts.

Finding the Ultimate Size on Amazon.

The key factor to purchasing on Amazon the preferred size of skirts encompasses ensuring that the buyer gets the right size. Use Amazon’s search engine to aid bridge down the numerous auctions going on simultaneously into a page that is manageable. However, clients need to know that as mentioned earlier, sizes always differ depending on different designers. Due to this, the buyer must carefully check the listings of the actions. Other sellers indicate the list of the real measurement of the items waistline on the data page, while others don’t. One can always inquire from the seller for this critical information. BrowseSthe internet for the designers’ web page and access their sizing chart and ensure you get the best measurements for sizing. Ensuring that the item correctly and nicely fits make the buyer happier.

Warm Tips

No concrete reason should make plus sized women opt for an unattractive and unappealing type of clothing, including skirts. It is a naked truth our the modern world is composed of many unique designers making nice attires for full figured women. It is for them to embrace this approach and find exceptional clothing for themselves. The above-described buying guide for plus size skirts that are full sized are effective and should propel them toward finding a good fit.

Buying Guide for Plus Size Jeans

Buying Guide for Plus Size Jeans

Unlimited Buying Guide for Plus Size Jeans

Jeans are a piece of clothing that everybody should have in their wardrobe. When they are a good fit, they are a fantastic base for creating a wide range of fashion statements. If they do not fit well and look terrible, then they are sure to have all kinds of creases and lumps in them. This guide will talk about different kinds of jeans for different body shapes. Later on, the guide will mention a range of jean styles. Following this, you will see how the information can be gathered of how the right pair of jeans can be chosen for various body shapes. Finally, the buying guide for plus size jeans will discuss how plus size jeans can be found on Amazon, Ebay, Target, Aliexpress, Walmart, and Alibaba.

Plus Sized Body Shapes

There are four different types of body shapes that plus-size women will fall into. These shapes are: rectangle, apple, hourglass and pear. If a woman is unsure of what her body shape is, she can do this by measuring her largest area on her bust. She can then measure the largest area of her hips, and finally one inch above the naval which can be found at the waist. Once these areas have been measured, be sure to write them down. This will be a huge help when it comes to buying custom fit jeans. It will also help if you are simply double-checking sizes. We have provided a chart underneath this paragraph. Within this chart you will see comparisons of different body shapes and their measurements.

Measurements and Body Shapes

APPLEThe waist and bust measurements are very similar. However, the hip measurements are somewhat larger.
HOURGLASSThe hip and bust measurements are near enough the same. The measurements of the waist is much smaller.
PEARThe waist measurement is far bigger than the measurements of the bust and hip.
RECTANGLEThe hip, waist and body measurements are just about the same as each other.

We will now provide further information about the four different body shapes.

  • Apple
    Women with an apple body shape will have weight in the middle area of their body. Their waist will not be well-defined. They will notice that their thighs and hips will be broad and their calves slender. The problem these women have when it comes to jeans is staying away from the “muffin top”. This is where their stomach can be seen hanging over the edge of the jeans waistband.
  • Hourglass
    An hour glass body shape has a proportionate hips and bust measurement. Their waist is very narrow. This is the easiest body shape to dress with jeans. Why? Because the body is already naturally balanced. When selecting jeans, the trick for this is to not allow the body to get out of balance.
  • Pear
    There are many large women who find themselves to be in the pear body shape category. The thighs, bottom and hips are much bigger than the waist. These women will usually have a flat stomach. The difficulty that these women have when searching for jeans is a gasping waistband. This occurs when they try to fit the jeans onto their hips only to discover the waistband is too big for their waist.
  • Rectangle
    When a women’s thighs, bust and waist all have a similar measurements, this is how they know they their body is in a rectangle shape. Those in this category often find themselves gaining weight evenly across their body. Whilst their waist does not have much definition, they still remain well balanced. When searching for a pair of jeans, these women should remember that the jeans should not overemphasize the lower area of their body. If this occurs, they will throw everything out of proportion.

Jean Styles

There are a wide range of styles when it comes to women’s jeans. The general size for all jeans can be worked out by four factors. These factors are: the wash, the cut, the rinse and the fit.

  • The Cut.
    Women’s jeans come in six different leg cuts. Skinny jeans are narrow from top to bottom. Their fit will be tight all over. These leg jeans have a uniform size that goes from top to bottom. Boyfriend jeans have straight legs. They will feel tight around the hips. These will usually be culled at the bottom. Bootcut jeans are very popular. They are also very attractive. These will feel tight around the thighs. A slight flare will be seen at the bottom which are designed to cover boots. Flared jeans will be tight around the knee area. Their openings will be somewhat exaggerated. These will be seen at the bottom area of the leg. Last but not least is the trouser jeans. These can also be known as wide-leg jeans. Their waist will fit well and will have a fuller leg from top to bottom.
  • The Fit.
    These jeans are determined by the tightness of their material. Slip fit jeans will be tight around the thighs and bottom area. A regular fit will give you room to move around in. Relaxed fit jeans will not be clingy on the legs. Loose fit jeans will give you tons of freedom and will often be very baggy.
  • The Rinse.
    The rinse measures the waistband area right through to the seam of the crotch. The rise of these jeans is very high. As much as one inch over the waist. Medium rise jeans will have a waistband that sits directly on the waist. The rise for these jeans are low to medium and are very common among women. You will find these will sit between two to three inches underneath the stomach. Low rise jeans sit three to five inches underneath the stomach. The ultra low rise is even greater than this.
  • The Wash.
    The wash of jeans is talking about the finishing and coloring of them. When it comes to women’s pants, there are four different types of washes. The wash that is most used is the dark wash. The dark wash creates an almost black and a dark blue color. Most of the time the dark color is the original dye of the pants. However, jeans come in all different types of blues and other colors. Sandblasted or stonewashed jeans are always pre-washed. They will also appear to have a worn-in-look about them. These types of jeans will be very soft. This is because of the processed that is used. Jeans that have been tinted are first distressed. They then will be dyed with a different color. This color will often be yellow or brown hue. As a result of this, these jeans will look old. They may even be called a vintage wash. Whisker wash jeans will have lines that look like whiskers. These have been bleached into the jeans. This stops creasing and fading from occurring from being worn often. These creases will often be seen on the upper thigh just under the openings of the pockets. They may also be seen on the back just under the bottom.

Searching For the Correct Fit By Body Type.

As you can see there are a huge range of options. This can make it somewhat difficult to select what will suit your body type. Always be sure to take body measurements with you when you go shopping. This will help you to consider the fit of the jeans. Sizing in all stores will always be different. The chart below has been sorted into body types. There is also advice of what kinds of jeans can be purchased, and what types of jeans you should stay away from.

  • Apple.
    High waisted jeans well help control the panels around your stomach. They will also cover up your stomach with out being uncomfortable. They will also not cut into your stomach. If avoiding the high waist, do not go lower than a midrise. A wide waistband will be attractive on you. Bootcut jeans will be very attractive from the middle area of your body. Do not wear flare jeans as this will be too much. Stay away from skinny leg jeans. Those with this body shape type should draw attention away from their middle section. Refrain from drawing attention to your stomach. Rather, draw attention down your leg instead.
  • Hourglass.
    Those with an hourglass body shape should always keep balance in mind. Trouser and straight leg jeans will help keep your legs smooth. If you choose a bootcut pair of jeans this will not look good on the bottoms of your leg. You may wear skinny jeans but they must fit perfectly. Midrise jeans will look fantastic if you are keeping balance. Be sure to stay away from a gaping waistband.
  • Pear.
    These women should offset their wide hips. If wearing skinny jeans, these will look too tight. However, bootcut, flared jeans or wide leg jeans will be attractive down your leg. They will give a good sense of balance to your body. Low rise jeans will suit you well by fitting them around the largest area of your hips. This will stop the waistband from gaping if the waist is too big. They will fit very well on the hips. Very large pockets will make your bottom more attractive.
  • Rectangle.
    It can be hard for these women to create a waistline. This is because they already have a balanced body. These women should go for bootcut, straight leg or trouser jeans. Choose a high rise waistband as this will allow you to have some sort of control over your stomach. It will also provide definition to your waist. Stay away form baggy jeans as these will look too much on you. It will also make you look heavier than what you really are. Keep to regular and slim fit jeans instead.

Buying Guide for Plus Size Wedding Dress

Buying Guide for Plus Size Wedding Dress

Unlimited Buying Guide for Plus Size Wedding Dress

You can be sure that all future brides will have plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress. Purchasing a wedding dress is incredibly exciting. But it can also be a hard process. Brides looking for plus-size dresses may not understand what they ought to look for in a wedding dress. If you are searching for the perfect plus-size wedding dress, then please have a read of this buying guide for plus size wedding dress. This guide will give you a few tips on how you can get through the wedding dress buying process.

Plus Size Wedding Dresses

It is very important for future brides to understand what the basics are when buying a wedding dress. It does not matter what size they are. Every bride should always search for a dress that makes her beauty shine. The dress should hide any flaws she may have. In choosing a dress that can do both of these things, brides should carefully consider the color, the fabric and the style of the dress. These three basic gown features will help brides find the perfect dress for them.

Wedding Dress Styles

Every bride wants to look and feel beautiful in their wedding dress. This is why they must learn how to choose the correct style for their body shape. The chat we have provided below looks at the five most common wedding dress styles. There is also relevant information about such styles that are sure to flatter brides who are plus-size.

A-LINEYou can be sure that the A-Line gown is what it says it is. This gown comes with a narrow neckline. It will then widen out into a full-length skirt. Some brides may know these gowns as a natural waistline gown. The A-Line gown will look great on plus-size brides who have an hourglass body shape. Sometimes the A-Line will come with a skirt much like the ball gowns.
BALL GOWNEach of these gowns come with a flowing and wide skirt. They are designed to fit around the waist. An elegant skirt will then flow out from the waist. Ball gowns are the most traditional type of wedding dress. Ball gowns are incredibly attractive on brides who large legs or wide hips. This is because they give fantastic camouflage whilst at the same time keep a classic silhouette look.
DROPPED WAISTLINEThese particular dresses have been designed to fit the whole way through to the waist and the hips. These will look amazing on brides who do not have wide hips. Dropped Waistline dresses sometimes reach a certain point before they flare out. This is may be known as Basque waistline gowns.
EMPIRE WAISTEmpire waist gowns are designed to fit just underneath the bust area of the body. These come with very long flowing panels of fabric. These gowns will not suit plus-size brides because they may not cover the hips and the stomach well. Plus-size brides who want to purchases these types of gowns should stay away from stretchy or thin fabrics.
SHEATHThese dresses do not include a separation between the skirt and the torso. They are often designed with many vertical panels of fabric. Sheath dresses will not look good on plus-size brides. This is because they will not fit well on the legs, hip or stomach.

Perfect Fabric

You can be sure that the fabric is incredibly important when it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress. The fabric of a wedding dress will determine how it will look on a bride. Brides will be able to tell if it can cover up her flaws or not. We believe it is vital for all brides to know what the differences are between the different types of fabrics. Be sure to do this before making a purchase.

CHIFFONChiffon is a type of silk. However, it can be found in many synthetic varieties. This fabric is usually light and is very ideal for weddings in the spring and summer seasons. You can wear this fabric on top of a layer of satin, muslin or Lycra. This fabric is fantastic for plus-size women.
LACEThe most classic wedding dress fabric is lace. It will often make women’s bodies very attractive as it can cover unwanted areas very well whilst keeping attractive at the same time.
ORGANZAOrganza is usually worn as a second layer. It is not very elastic. This means it will not look good on brides who are plus-size.
POLYESTERMany brides will know what polyester is. It is a synthetic type of fabric that will usually be manufactured with a high sheen. Such dresses are comfortable. However, the fabric does not give much room for brides to breathe. It is not very ideal for weddings in summer or spring. Polyester will suit women of all body shapes and sizes.
SATINThis is a high-sheen type of fabric. It comes in dull black. Most brides will find this very comfortable to wear. It will look very attractive on those who are plus-size. When purchasing satin dresses, be sure to remember that the amount of elastic in the fabric will be very different for each individual dress.
SILKOne of the most lustrous fabrics on wedding gowns is silk. Most silks are rather heavy. This means that they are more appropriate for winter and fall weddings. There are a few lightweight silks out there which can be worn in the summer and spring seasons. However, these may not suit plus-size women as silk is remarkably thin.

Perfect Color

Many brides prefer to wear white at their weddings. This is the traditional color for brides. However, at the same time, it can also be incredibly unforgiving. If plus-size brides are searching for dresses, they should search for shell, cream, or off-white colors. These colors are sure to cover up any flaws. Other brides may go for light pink or beige colors. These look great on those who have dark skin coloring. Modern brides seem to go for dresses with some sort of color in them. However, every bride can select whatever color she desires. All she needs to remember is that she should be comfortable wearing it at her wedding.

Makes Your Figure Attractive

Once a color, fabric and style of dress has been chosen, brides should then consider other dress specifics. If purchasing a plus-size dress, always remember to look at the train, the neckline and the sleeves. Also keep in mind how the dress has been cut at the back. If a dress has a low cut, they will not look good on plus-size brides.

  • Neckline
    Always be careful when selecting a neckline. High necklines may look very tight and unattractive. Plus-size brides should also keep away from necklines that reveal too much and are low. Halter-top dresses are always very low cut. Brides who are plus-size are better off choosing a sweetheart neck gown or a scoop neck. These will cover up the bust but will still be attractive.
  • Sleeves
    A big decision for brides to make is whether she wants to go strapless or have sleeves on her gown. Self-conscious brides should choose gowns with sleeves or straps. Cap sleeves or thick straps are sure to make every bride look attractive. Plus-size brides, stay away from sleeves which may be puffy at the top but may fit tight at your wrist. Full-lengths sleeves will make arms on any women look bigger. If choosing full-length sleeves, remember that they should fit close to the body, but should not be tight. If brides are uncomfortable in strapless dresses, they can always wear a bolo or lace jacket over the top. This will hide her arms.
  • Trains
    The majority of brides choose gowns that have trains. Trains can be very attractive. However, keep in mind that dress trains should not make backsides look bulky. It is a good idea to choose a train that can be detached. This will make things more comfortable when it comes to the reception.

Useful Buying Tips

There is no doubt purchasing a wedding dress can be very hard. If you plan ahead in advance a lot of stress can be avoided. Always remember these tips when searching for a wedding dress.

  • Know What Your Body Shape Is
    Always know what type of body shape you are. Are you an hourglass, apple, square or pear figure? There are a wide range of clothing websites that provide pictures of such body types. If a bride has an hourglass or pear figure, you can be sure they will suit a dropped waistline or an A-line dress. Those who have an apple or square figure will suit empire waistlines or ball gowns.
  • Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin
    All brides must be comfortable in their own skin. Be prepared to try on several wedding dress styles. Remove any negative feelings or attitudes about your appearance. Those who attend your wedding will know straight away if a bride is happy and comfortable within herself or not.
  • Make Time For Alterations
    Never ever purchase a dress at the last minute. Dress searching should be done at least three months before the big day and before purchase. This will give time for alterations, fittings and delivery.
  • Be Wary Of Adornments
    Baubles, Beads and Crystals may look beautiful. But they can also give extra weight to a dress. If your wedding is in the warm seasons, then stay away from these adornments. They will make your dress incredibly heavy when it does not need to be. Be cautious of adornments that are designed for the waistline and other problem areas of your body.
  • Choose Comfort
    Many brides will be wearing their wedding dresses for at least five to six hours on their special day. Whilst appearance is good, comfortableness is more important. Always be sure to choose a fabric and style that will allow you to move around comfortably in. The correct lingerie and accessories are just as important.

Where To Purchase?

You will be able to find plus size wedding dresses at many brick-and-mortar retailers and on the internet. There are also many boutiques who also sell dresses in these sizes. If you are after a well priced dress on Amazon, then please go to a bridal boutique first. These boutique’s will allow you to try dresses on before making your online purchase. Wedding dresses are given a smaller size than regular clothing. Always take measurements with you when searching for such a dress. Boutique workers can also give you designer names of those who specifically sell plus-size dresses.

Find Plus Size Wedding Dresses on Amazon

It is very simple to find plus size wedding dresses on Amazon. All you need to do is to visit the wedding and formal link. Here brides will discover a huge number of accessories, dresses and shoes. Searches can also be customized to specific sizes of dresses. To select a search parameter, all you need to do is go to the left-sidebar. Here you can then click on the plus-size wedding dress page. Parameters brides can click on include: Material, Size, Color, Condition, Neckline, Designer/Brand, Sleeve Style and Price.

Dresses can also be searched for under immediate purchase or dresses for auction. Here brides will be able to choose from many different shipping options. Those who have a tight time schedule, are recommended to search for sellers who provide expedited shipping.

Set Your Budget
Finally, a budget for your wedding dress is a must. Always know how much you can spend. Also keep in mind the costs for accessories, lingerie and alterations. Many alterations can cost anywhere from one hundred dollars through to five hundred dollars. This of course, depends on where you get this done and what your alterations are. Try to have your alterations done in a professional alterations shop. Avoid bridal salons. This is because salons can be very expensive for alterations. One hundred and fifty dollars should be kept aside for accessories, shoes and lingerie. Remember that lingerie is not just an every day item. The correct lingerie will help you to be comfortable on your special day.

Warm Tips

This Buying Guide for Plus Size Wedding Dress has emphasized the importance of style and comfort. This will help brides in choosing their wedding dress. There is a huge range of plus-size wedding dresses. You are sure to find something that makes you comfortable. Always begin shopping for your wedding dress as early as possible. This will give you time to search for that ideal dress for your special day.

Buying Guide for Plus Size Hosiery

Buying Guide for Plus Size Hosiery

Unlimited Buying Guide for Plus Size Hosiery

In this Buying Guide for Plus Size Hosiery, we will provide information about the sorts of fabrics that can be used to make hosiery. We will also look at the types of hosiery that currently out in the market. The guide will also inform you about how you can choose the correct size for you. If you are searching for plus size hosiery, you will find a wide variety of hosiery on Amazon.

What do we mean by hosiery? Hosiery is another word to describe garments that can be worn on the legs and the feet. This can range from the leggings, socks, tights, pantyhose and much more. There is a wide range of different fabrics that can be turned into hosiery. Each of these fabrics will come in all kinds of styles. Hosiery can be worn by many women. These women may range from petite through to plus size. This will allow them to decorate their legs to suit all kinds of occasions.

Since there is a very large number of options to choose from, this can make it difficult for women to choose the correct hosiery that will work well. Not only do women need to know the fabric and style, but they also need to understand how to make the correct choice of hosiery.

What Are The Fabrics Used To Make Hosiery?

If you are wanting to make your own hosiery, you will be pleased to know there are many different fabrics and threads to choose from. The fabric you use will depend on the type of hosiery you are wanting to make. Some hosiery can be made to use synthetic materials. Others can be made out of natural materials. Hosiery may also be thin, whilst others are thick. Hosiery such as leggings, socks and tights are often made out of thick fabrics. Stockings will usually be made out of thin fabrics. All fabric types, whatever they are, have their benefits. The best choice really will depend on the type of hosiery you use. It will also come down to what your preferences are.

COTTONLeggings and tights will usually be made out of cotton. Cotton is designed to keep the heat in and is soft. You will find that cotton will be thicker compared to other fabrics. As a result of such thickness, the cotton provides protection from the cold. This means that those who wear cotton will be kept warm. This is why cotton hosiery should be worn in colder weather. It will prevent the wearer from getting too cold. Cotton hosiery may be dyed. It does not matter what color it is dyed in. This means that it can be made to match almost any other types of clothing. Not only that, but cotton can be cleaned easily. It is also durable and will last for quite some time. Cotton may also be mixed up with synthetic fibers.
ELASTICElastic is not used on its own to make hosiery. Rather, it can be used with any other fabric to make the hosiery stretch out easily. It will also assist the hosiery in form-fitting. Elastic will often be found on the waistline of pantyhose. This will prevent the pantyhose from slipping down. It may also be worn around the ankles of a pair of socks. This will help keep the socks up. This fabric is designed to help hosiery fit well around the ankle, waist or thigh. Gradually the elastic will wear out and begin to lose its shape. It will also eventually stop stretching. Be aware that elastic will often wear out quicker than other fabric.
NYLONNylon is a synthetic fabric. This will often be used to make thigh high stockings and pantyhose. “Nylons” is another word for pantyhose. This type of fabric has a sheer appearance. It is also incredibly thin. Nylon is not very warm. But it will certainly help the legs to be more attractive. Such fabric is not abrasive to the skin. It will also dry very quickly compared to other types of natural fabrics out there.
POLYESTERThis type of fabric is great for making dress socks for both women and men. It is a synthetic fiber which is thin. It will also dry very quickly. Just as Nylon is not abrasive to the skin, so is polyester. You will find that Polyester can be dyed in whatever color you like. This means that it will be able to match well with other clothing.
WOOLWool is very similar to cotton. In that it is both thick and warm. Wool is usually used to make socks. However, it can also be used to make leggings and tights too. Wool has a very soft feel to it. It can also be incredibly warm. It does not take wool long to dry. It can also keep a persons feet from sweating. This is what makes wool different to cotton.

Types Of Hosiery

Apart from the range of fabrics available today, there are also many styles and types of hosiery. This can be anything from regular leggings, tights and socks right through to the traditional pantyhose. Choosing hosiery really will depend on what kind of appearance a woman wants to give. It is a good idea to have some sort of knowledge of what the differences of each type are. This will make life much easier when selecting the correct type of hosiery for not only your clothing, but also for the occasion.

ANKLETSAnklets are designed to sit up to the ankle bone. They are usually worn to stop shoes from being too tight. They can also be worn to give less friction which may occur between the foots skin and the shoes. Anklets are not designed to make an appearance. Rather, they are designed to hide inside shoes.
CONTROL TOPMany plus size women choose to wear this piece of hosiery. It gives extra support to the buttocks and the waist. The role of the control top provides a smooth finish to the area. It will help bring your stomach in and remove panty lines. The control top was designed to remove the need to have girdles.
KNEE HIGHSThis type of hosiery covers just under the knees down to the toes. They will come in many sheer materials, or in thick socks. The top area of the knee highs have a strong elastic band in them. This means they will not slide down the legs. It does not matter what type of clothing they are worn with. There are a few women who choose to conceal the top area of the socks. Whilst others wear them with skirts of shorts that sit above the knees.
LEGGINGSLeggings are also known as footless tights. These will be made out of thick stretchy material. They come in many patterns and colors. Leggings can be worn by themselves or underneath a skirt like tights. You will find these are available as an individual garment. However, they used to come in two separate garments. One for each leg. There are a few leggings which have stirrups. These slip under the heal and will not ride up.
PANTYHOSEThis particular hosiery goes from the waist right down to the toes. Its material is stretchy and is designed to make the pantyhose fit comfortably along the legs. The waist area of this hosiery type is made out of elastic. This will prevent the pantyhose from slipping down when being worn. The actual material will look similar to the skin coloring of the wearer. Pantyhose has a wide range of colors. However, most of the time you will find them in a skin tone or nude color.
THIGH HIGHSThigh High stockings will cover the top of the thigh right down to the toes. Pantyhose are a single piece of clothing. However, thigh highs are two separate stockings. Some of these stockings will have strong elastic bands. These are designed to grip the thigh and will keep them up. The advantage thigh highs have is that they do not bunch up at the waist. Why? Because they cover the whole area including the top of the thigh. It does not matter what you wear thigh highs with. They will go well with anything including short skirts and dresses.
TIGHTSThese are a lot different to other types of hosiery. How? Because they are opaque. Not sheer. Tights will often be worn from waist to toe. However, know that there are many other styles out there too. Tights are generally made out of stretchy synthetic materials. Since tights are opaque, you will find them in a range of patterns and colors.

How To Choose Plus Size Hosiery?

When choosing plus size hosiery, don’t just go for appearances. It is better to be sure that the hosiery meets your requirements and fits correctly. In terms of appearance and comfort, selecting the right size is a must. The kind of occasion or outfit will assist you in choosing what type of hosiery is suitable. Finally, all women should consider how often they will wear it before they decide to make a purchase.

There are many brands when it comes to hosiery. Every brand will come with different sizes. Leggings often have similar sizes to pants so women can use their normal pants size for these. Socks, knee highs and anklets are based on shoe sizes. Plus size hosiery can be a delicate matter when searching for thigh highs and panty hose. Sizes can also be based on height and weight. Most pantyhose can be determined by heights and weight. Most of them will include a chart which will help women to decide what size they should select.
Always consider the occasion in which you will wear the hosiery. There are tons of options available so always keep in mind whether you want to wear them simply for appearances or for warmth. Since there are many patterns, styles and colors, it will not be hard to select the perfect hosiery for any occasion.
You can be sure that you will get what you pay for in terms of price. Whilst stockings and pantyhose are usually cheap, they will not last as long as a more expensive pair. If you don’t wear stockings often then this will be OK for you. However, if you are one to wear them all the time, then it is better to pay more for them in order for them to last longer.

Where to buy Plus Size Hosiery?

Nearly all clothing stores will have plus size hosiery. This however, may be limited depending on what stores are in your local area. You can also shop for this type of clothing on the internet. Amazon is a fantastic place that provides thousands of options for women in this category.

Amazon is a great place to search for plus size hosiery, you can also find it from Ebay, Target, Walmart, Aliexpress & Alibaba. Simply do a keyword search for your item and it should come up. Words that can be used include: “high thighs”, “pantyhose”, “socks” or “tights”. To refine the results, simply click on size and you will see the options available to you.

Warm Tips

In this Buying Guide for Plus Size Hosiery, we have seen that hosiery is designed to be worn on the feet and the legs. It will help a woman’s legs to appear more attractive. Hosiery will often be made out of stretchy, elastic material. There are many sizes ranging from petite through to plus size. If you are shopping for plus size, we recommend understanding what all the types of hosiery are. It is a good idea to know what fabrics can be used also. Always think about cost and size when it comes to choosing the hosiery for you. Keep in mind the requirements and how often you are likely to wear it. Whatever it is you are looking for you, you are sure to find a wide variety of plus size hosiery on Amazon. Why not give it a try today?

Buying Guide for Plus Size Dresses

plus size dresses

Unlimited Buying Guide for Plus Size Dresses

These days, there are a wide range of designers. Each of them design dresses that not only fit well, but are also stunning. Particularly for the plus size individual. There has never been a size that has been set in concrete when it comes to creating a starting point in the fashion industry. It will also depend on the designer and the store.

There are a few stores who think a size eighteen should be the beginning of plus size fashion. Yet, there are certain styles that will go right down to a size twelve. Because there have been a number of celebrities emerging in the plus sizes, there are now a wide range of stylish options available. Natalie Laughlin and Queen Latifah are just two celebrities in this size. These two women are very well-known. They have created a very good awareness that everyone can be beautiful no matter what their size. The fashion industry has taken notice of this. Over the years, the quality of plus size clothing has increased to a very high level. There are thousands of different styles that these individual’s can choose from. Before a plus size woman goes shopping, it is worthwhile gaining a good understanding of what body type they are. This will help women know what styles will suit them the best.

This Plus Size Dresses Buying Guide will cover things such as: Understanding different types of plus size body types, and how they should be dressed. It will also inform readers how they can find such dresses on Amazon.

Understanding Different Plus Size Body Types And How To Dress Them.

All women need to realize that everybody has a different type of body. It is vital for women to remember this when they are searching for a plus size dress. There really is no set size that fits everyone. However, with that in mind, the fashion industry is know for putting plus size shapes in five different categories. These categories are as follows: petite, pear, rectangular, hourglass and apple.

The Apple Body Type.

These body types will generally be around all over. The shoulders and the hips will be much smaller than the waist area. The breasts, face and neck will be very full in their size. The waistline will be undefined, whilst shoulders will be broad. The inverted triangle shape is another name for this body type. The reason for this is that the legs and the hips will be much narrower than the top part of the body.

How To Dress An Apple Body Type?

The upper body and the stomach are what hold all of the weight together. This means that these individuals must pay attention to their legs and their hips when purchasing plus size dresses. It is best to choose fabrics that fit loosely on the stomach. Cotton and silk are good options for this. Small and basic patterns are best for these individuals. Avoid wearing large flashy designs. The small patterns will create an illusion of length. Width will not be focused on. Apple body type individuals will suit dark colored dresses the best. The size of these individuals may also appear to be smaller than what they actually are. For a smaller illusion, try wearing dresses that have folds in their material. Particularly folds that go over the stomach. Stay away from pockets or pleats designed for the waist.

The Hourglass Body Type.

This is a shape that many plus size women long to be. This is because it brings out femininity. It can also fit well and many body types. Hourglass women will have a medium to large bust area. Their hips will be naturally symmetrical. The waist is usually around ten inches smaller than their other curvier body areas.

How To Dress An Hourglass Body Shape?

Hourglass individual’s are quite easy to dress. Dresses that fit well on a narrow waist will looking stunning on them. Wrap, belted and tie waist dresses may be included in this. U-neck and V-neck dresses should be chosen. These will look elegant on the body and will give focus to the waistline. Such dresses suit these individual’s very well. They make a great one-piece style. They will fit correctly on the body in all areas. Dresses should be a little higher than the knees, or longer. This will fit well around the waistline area.

The Pear Body Type.

A woman who is heavier at the bottom rather than at the top is commonly considered to be pear shaped. The neck is often slim, and the shoulders will be narrow. The body will have a medium waist and bust. The majority of the weight will be held together with the bottom, the calves and the thighs. Another name for pear shape is the triangle shape. This shape will be wider at the bottom area and begins to get thinner at the top.

How To Dress A Pear Shaped Body?

If purchasing for a pear shaped body, always make sure you search for clothing that fit your upper body well. The clothing should also stop others from looking at the bottom area of the body. Pear shaped women will suit a dress that focuses on its neckline. This will attract attention to the top rather than to the bottom. It will also get people looking at the neck area and the slim shoulders. The halter style neckline will suit these women well. The halter style straps around the neck. This provides style, comfort and support all at once. These women will also be attractive in spaghetti strap and strapless clothing. These types of clothing will make the shoulders more attractive. The size of the body will also become more balanced.
The waistline is the next thing a women should consider. These women should go with the empire fit as this will sit higher up on the dress. This will also usually sit just underneath the bust. A-line and empire style dresses are usually best for creating the body’s top area. They will begin to flow and be lose underneath the waistline. Wearing this style, pear shaped women will be incredible attractive. Focus will be removed from the bottom area of the body and moved to the top area instead. The upper part of the body will suit a well-designed dress that has been embellished on its top part. The bottom part of the dress will be plain. Because of the plainness on the bottom, the eyes will naturally find themselves looking at the top instead.

The Petite Body Type.

Apart from giving attention to the body type, the height should also be thought about. Petite women are usually no taller than five feet four inches. They will need to be very careful on what dresses they select.

How To Dress The Petite Body Type?

If these short women are in the plus size range, they should stay away from dresses that will look too big or too baggy on them. Look for a dress that has been draped. This will fit your body well. You will also be able to move around in it. These women should also stay away from horizontal stripes. This will make people think you are bigger than what you really are. Keep to small prints and plain designs. This will enhance your body. If you want to make a statement, go for a plain dress and use accessories to do this. A necklace or a big pair of earrings will do the trick.

The Rectangular Body Type.

Rectangular body types only have a small number of curves. There may not even be any curves at all. This body type tends to go straight up and down. They will have a full back and neck. Their bust size will be average. The arms and the legs will be thin and the waist will not be defined.

How To Dress A Rectangular Body Type?

This body type should always wear styles that can create curves. A-line dresses will do the job well. This is because they create an illusion of curves, and flare out at the bottom. These dresses should sit a little higher than the knees. They should not be any longer than this. Such dresses will attract attention to the woman’s legs.

How To Find Plus Size On Amazon?

Know what will work well on you? Now you can get shopping. Amazon provides many, many different styles of all shapes and sizes for plus size women. These dresses are sure to include many different preferences and tastes.

Begin searching for your plus size dress simply by doing a keyword search. All you need to do is click on Amazon’s home page. Then enter in the keyword in to the search box. This will be at the top of the page. For a broad range of dresses, you can enter in: “plus size dresses”. Amazon will then come up with all of these dresses no matter what style or size. This will allow you to view everything on the website. Know what style and size you want? Then simply enter the brand, the color, and the size and click on search. These will then be the only dresses that you will see. This will save you a lot of time.

Don’t want to search by keyword? Not to worry. You can simply look through the categories on Amazon instead. From Amazon’s home page, you can look for the Fashion category. Then click on the plus size category under Women’s Clothing.

Warm Tips

These days, there are so many plus size fashions available. Within this Plus Size Dresses Buying Guide, we have seen how important it is to know what your body type is. You should also understand the style that will suit you most. It will not be hard to search for the right dress for any occasion. This is because there are a huge range of styles and sizes out there.