52 Fashion Plus Size Bloggers You Should Know

plus size bloggers

52 Amazing Fashion Plus Size Bloggers You Should Know

Your fashion should be a mirror image of your personal style and liking. But for plus size girls, this is not the case. They often think that fashion is not their cup of tea, and hence, they should only style them up with basic clothes. This thinking is not wrong because as far as plus size fashion is taken into account, there has been a gaping hole in the marketplace which has always remained a point of demotivation for full figured girls. But things are changing now! With a love for fashion, plus size bloggers have come up in the forefront to set a positive example.

Luckily, this has started changing the mindset of people. Today, an increasing number of designers and stores have come up with latest trends and options for those curvaceous figures. This is simply amazing, isn’t it! The curvy bloggers dressed up in stylish clothes have tremendously changed the fashion game.

Why waste your valuable time trying to please others? Once you are beyond this thought, negative comments are just to be laughed at. It’s important to convince your mind that all bodies are beautiful. Your love for fashion can only rekindle if you discover body acceptance. It’s always best to love and adorn your body in ways which can make you happy.

There are numerous questions asked by pretty girls, ‘How to dress up according to my body type?’ Dressing according to your body structure requires a lot of patience as you have to try on a lot of clothes. Understanding your body shape and knowing what works best for you is a key towards looking gorgeous. There are myriad shapes that define your personality. Again, there are plentiful plus size blouses for every body type. Use the below-mentioned tips by the plus size bloggers to find the most flattering dress according to your body shape:

  1. Apple: They have the narrowest point above the natural waist. Empire waists and babydoll silhouettes can help them grab the attention of everyone. A-line styles, full skirts and neck details can bring them in focus.
  2. Hourglass: They have defined the waist, full bust, and full hips. Knits, dresses, and wraps with fitted waists can enhance their feminine form.
  3. Pear: These girls are defined by thick thighs and legs, wide hips, narrow shoulders, and small defined waist. For such body type, it is significant to balance their upper body with the lower half. To accentuate their curves, they can try simple A-line skirt. Strapless bodices or dresses with open necklines can also look dramatic on them.
  4. Rectangle: The main characteristics of such body type are same size hips & bust and an undefined waist. To get a slimming effect, they can try bias cut jackets, tie neck blouses and pleated skirts.
  5. Straight: These curvaceous ladies have less definition between waist, bust, and hips. Simple A-line or empire waist skirt can aid them to create curves. Fitted sheaths, one shoulder styles can enhance their personality.

In today’s fashion raging world, there is so many specially designed and unique style for full figured ladies. With a plethora of exclusive styles available online, there is no difficulty in finding a form fitting apparel according to your curvaceous figure. So, explore online and buy a flattering outfit to enhance your feminine form.

Plus size fashion is getting more inspiring by the day. If you need any tips or ideas for plus size outfits, just check out one of these beautiful & gorgeous plus size bloggers below.

1. http://gabifresh.com/

Gabi Gregg(@gabifresh)Photo ·

Sexy plus size shoes, swimsuits and more. Flawless hair. Getting ready for parties, summer and more. Amazing photography. Visit: http://gabifresh.com/

2. https://curvesbecomeher.wordpress.com/

Gorgeous blog with plenty of playful outfits. This blog has a feminist feel. Its author has a background in psychology. All about loving your curves after 30! Visit: https://curvesbecomeher.wordpress.com/

3. http://www.daniellevanier.co.uk/

Stay pretty in pink. This blog is filled with floral, feminine outfit ideas. Find hints and tips for combining colors. Read Danielle’s endorsements of other cool blogs to follow. Visit: http://www.daniellevanier.co.uk/

4. http://flightofthefatgirl.com/

A longer blog. Get ready for photoshoots with some lovely discussion of them. And hats. Plenty of hats! Visti: http://flightofthefatgirl.com/

5. http://www.fromthecornersofthecurve.com/

Callie Thorpe(@calliethorpe)Photo ·

Blog about all aspects of selfcare. Reviews of big label fashion brands. Advice on skincare products. And a hefty dose of looking after yourself! Visit: http://www.fromthecornersofthecurve.com/

6. http://www.xloveleahx.co.uk/

Leah ????(@loveleahblog)Photo ·

Blogging at the intersection of health and fashion. Living with fibromyalgia. Living with dermatillomania. And…trying out plus size fashion! Visit: http://www.xloveleahx.co.uk/

7. http://latest-wrinkle.com/

Hot style picks from various brands. Outfits beautifully put together. Occasional diary entries on holiday, fitness and more. The full package! Visit: http://latest-wrinkle.com/

8. http://www.lifeandstyleofjessica.com/

Body positive inspiration. The photography here never involves a filter. Outfit ideas for parties, fitness sessions and more. And a few words on each outfit. Visit: http://www.lifeandstyleofjessica.com/

9. http://margotmeanie.com/

A blog with edge! Outfit inspiration. Grime and nightlife. Seattle living. Visit: http://margotmeanie.com/

10. https://monochromeandsimone.wordpress.com/

Longer blogs. Reviews of brands, dwelling informatively on individual products. Blogging on challenges! One challenge example: ‘wear a black and white outfit’. Visit: https://monochromeandsimone.wordpress.com/

11. http://nataliemeansnice.tumblr.com/

natalie.(@nataliemeansnice)Photo ·

Thoughts on fashion blended with political ideas. Anticapitalist beauty. A page for donations! 90s inspired outfits. Visit: http://nataliemeansnice.tumblr.com/

12. http://www.rachelgeebee.com/

Rachel(@rachelgeebee)Photo ·

Fashion and beauty combined. Reviews of the latest products. Outfit ideas. Blogging about putting an outfit together. Visit: http://www.rachelgeebee.com/

13. https://reginaandpeachtree.wordpress.com/

All about standing out from the crowd. A rather occasional blog. Blogging about friends, fashion and life. Sleek, urban outfits. Visit: https://reginaandpeachtree.wordpress.com/

14. http://www.shemightbeloved.com/

Using the metaphor of ‘spoons’ to explain disability and mental health. Fashion, mental health and wellness. A riot of color! Plenty of pretty dresses. Visit: http://www.shemightbeloved.com/

15. http://www.waituntilthesunset.com/

Olivia(@waituntilsunset)Photo ·

Jackets, dresses and bags. Old favorites. New combinations. A few posts about life, too! Visit: http://www.waituntilthesunset.com/

16. http://www.willowcurves.com/

Beautiful, colorful outfits. A wistful, carefree feel. 60s inspiration. Inspiring combinations! Visit: http://www.willowcurves.com/

17. http://www.amarachiukachu.com/

Gorgeous photos. Tips for outfit ideas. Quick guides. Bold colors. Visit: http://www.amarachiukachu.com/

18. http://taneshaawasthi.com/

Budget friendly clothing. Advice on skincare. Reviewing products. Suggestions for glowing skin! Visit: http://taneshaawasthi.com/

19. http://www.curvygirlchic.com/

Allison Teng(@curvygirlchic)Photo ·

Fashion and friends! Blog diary entries. Suggestions for outfits for special occasions. Tips on using stripes, sundresses and more. Visit: http://www.curvygirlchic.com/

20. http://www.garnerstyle.blogspot.com/

Fashion and life. Clothing and beauty product reviews. Holidays and friends. An uplifting feel. Visit: http://www.garnerstyle.blogspot.com/

21. http://www.mycurvesandcurls.com/

Assa????????(@mycurvesndcurls)Photo ·

New York life and style. Prints galore. Pretty dresses. Kooky creations. Visit: http://www.mycurvesandcurls.com/

22. http://www.nicolettemason.com/

Flawless urban style. Plenty of denim. Outfit ideas with discussion beneath. Always upbeat! Blogroll full of classic beauty and style tips. A penchant for denim. A sense of city life. Chic photography. Visit: http://www.nicolettemason.com/

23. http://www.margieplus.com/

margieplus(@margieplus)Photo ·

Cool punk fashion. Thinking outside the box. Collaborations with ASOS. Q&A sessions for readers. Visit: http://www.margieplus.com/

24. http://www.nadiaaboulhosn.com/

Wonderful variety of outfit ideas. Great fashion photography. Beautiful and elegant. Clean design. Visit: http://www.nadiaaboulhosn.com/

25. http://foreverfabulousinbows.blogspot.com/

S I A N N Y?(@bowfabulous)Photo ·

Hair clothes and holidays. Discussions of diet. Subtle outfits. Blogging about life too! Visit: http://foreverfabulousinbows.blogspot.com/

26. http://jaymiranda.com/

Jay Miranda(@pinklip)Photo ·

Luxurious fashion. A love of activewear too. Natural photography. Engaging blogging style. Visit: http://jaymiranda.com/

27. http://www.leblogdebigbeauty.com/en/

Written by a comedian! So, very fun to read. In both French and English. Pretty, positive outfit ideas. Visit: http://www.leblogdebigbeauty.com/en/

28. http://www.everythingcurvyandchic.com/

Slick, professional content. A celebration of curves. A variety of authors. And a variety of models too! Visit: http://www.everythingcurvyandchic.com/

29. http://curiousfancy.com/

Ragini R(@kittehinfurs)Photo ·

Indian fashion. Western fashion. A fusion of the two! And a cat. Visit: http://curiousfancy.com/

30. http://aroselikethis.blogspot.com/

Rosie(@aroselikethis)Photo ·

Lovely retro feel. Homespun blog with unique ideas. Blogging about new clothes and combinations. Cheerful feel. Visit: http://aroselikethis.blogspot.com/

31. http://thewardrobechallenge.co.uk/

Hanna(@hannawears)Photo ·

Shopping with love! Blogging about favorite garments. A Finn living in London. Discover a new friend! Visit: http://thewardrobechallenge.co.uk/

32. http://iamweesha.com/

Fashion and femininity. Unusual pieces. Blogging about pretty frocks. Great ideas for shoes! Visit: http://iamweesha.com/

33. http://www.runaazam.com/

Outfit ideas. Beauty blogging. A Youtube channel too! Professional feel. Visit: http://www.runaazam.com/

34. http://blog.glamshutter.com/

Food and fashion. Body positive ideas. Mental health. Physical wellbeing. Visit: http://blog.glamshutter.com/

35. http://dresscarcass.com/

Ushshi(@ushshi)Photo ·

Ideas for skincare as well as fashion. Recipe ideas for beauty. Product reviews. Outfit ideas. Visit: http://dresscarcass.com/

36. https://petiteplusmeow.wordpress.com/

Plus size and petite! Animals and outfits. Fashion show reviews. Charity work. Visit: https://petiteplusmeow.wordpress.com/

37. http://www.ontheqtrain.com/

ON The Q TRAIN(@ontheqtrain)Photo ·

NYC living. Gorgeous colors. Ideas for shopping with big brands. Critiques of brands. Visit: http://www.ontheqtrain.com/

38. http://www.kirstinmarie.com/

??Kir?(@kirstinmarie)Photo ·

Nude and denim colors. Hot picks. 70s revivals. Fun photography. Visit: http://www.kirstinmarie.com/

39. http://www.thisisashleyrose.com/

Plenty of jeans! Brand reviews. An outdoorsy blog. Cute and comfortable. Visit: http://www.thisisashleyrose.com/

40. http://styledbyreah.com/

Professional look. Plenty of different articles. Quick guides to outfits. Fashion show reviews. Visit: http://styledbyreah.com/

41. http://www.danimezza.com/

Sparkles and some honest life discussion. Fresh and friendly feel. Cute outfits. Lovely photos. Visit: http://www.danimezza.com/

42. http://www.fatinthecity.com/

Aisha F(@fatinthecity)Photo ·

Urban plus size living. Plenty of body positivity. Fighting discrimination against plus size people through blogging. Outfits and social justice. Visit: http://www.fatinthecity.com/

43. http://theplussideofme.com/

Colors, stripes and curves. Long looks at a single outfit. Honest opinions. Friendly feel. Visit: http://theplussideofme.com/

44. http://essiegolden.blogspot.com/

Essie Golden(@essiegolden)Photo ·

Wearing what you want! Celebrating friendship. Bold outfits. Lots of pretty prints here. Visit: http://essiegolden.blogspot.com/

45. http://www.chardline.com/

Char(@plussizebeausion)Photo ·

Fashion, fitness and beauty. All rolled together into what the author calls ‘Beausion’! Plus size outfits. Discussions of 21st century living. Visit: http://www.chardline.com/

46. http://www.flawscouture.com/

Canadian style. Flawless looks. Plenty of denim and heels to be found here. Outfit ideas with edge. Visit: http://www.flawscouture.com/

47. http://geekwithstyle.ca/

Plus size fashion intersects with geek culture. Ideas about Toronto living. Comic books. Fun website design. Visit: http://geekwithstyle.ca/

48. http://queensizedflava.com/

Plus size fashion with sass. Boutique shopping. Tips for natural Afro hair. Inspirational advice for staying confidence – it’s all here. Visit: http://queensizedflava.com/

49. http://www.bighipsredlips.com/

tonsablush(@tonsablush)Photo ·

The one stop shop for plus size femmes. Lingerie like stockings and garters is featured often here! Pretty dresses. Retro feel. Visit: http://www.bighipsredlips.com/

50. http://www.killerkurves.ca/

Karyn Johnson(@killerkurves)Photo ·

Lots of accessories. Cool outfit ideas. Directed at celebrating curves. Make the most of your body! Visit: http://www.killerkurves.ca/

51. http://boombands.blogspot.com/

@boombands Photo ·

Gorgeous longform reviews. A spontaneous feel. Blog diary. Reviews of products and ranges! Visit: http://boombands.blogspot.com/

52. http://stickysweetdanish.blogspot.com/

Long looks at various outfits. Plenty of photos of a single ensemble. Elegant, effortless looks. Very image heavy. Visit: http://stickysweetdanish.blogspot.com/

Want to know more about them?

Get in touch with these plus size bloggers now if you like!Get in touch with these plus size bloggers now if you like!

The list numbers are random, it doesn’t mean which one is the no.1, which is the last one. These all are my favorite plus size bloggers. The plus size bloggers list as follow:






1. Gabifresh http://gabifresh.com/ facebook twitter instagram
2. Curves Become Her https://curvesbecomeher.wordpress.com/ facebook twitter instagram
3. Danielle Vanier http://www.daniellevanier.co.uk/ facebook twitter instagram
4. Flight of the Fat Girl http://flightofthefatgirl.com/ facebook twitter instagram
5. From the corners of the Curve http://www.fromthecornersofthecurve.com/ facebook twitter instagram
6. Love Leah http://www.xloveleahx.co.uk/ facebook twitter instagram
7. Latest Wrinkle http://latest-wrinkle.com/ facebook twitter instagram
8. Life and Style of Jessica http://www.lifeandstyleofjessica.com/ facebook twitter instagram
9. Margot Meanie http://margotmeanie.com/ facebook twitter instagram
10. Monochrome & Simone https://monochromeandsimone.wordpress.com/ facebook instagram
11. Nataliemeansnice http://nataliemeansnice.tumblr.com/ facebook twitter instagram
12. Rachel GeeBee http://www.rachelgeebee.com/ facebook twitter instagram
13. Regina and Peachtree https://reginaandpeachtree.wordpress.com/ facebook instagram
14. She Might Be Loved http://www.shemightbeloved.com/ facebook twitter instagram
15. Wait Until The Sunset http://www.waituntilthesunset.com/ twitter instagram
16. Willow Curves http://www.willowcurves.com/ instagram
17. Amarachi Ukachu http://www.amarachiukachu.com/ facebook twitter instagram
18. Taneshaawasthi http://taneshaawasthi.com/ facebook twitter instagram
19. Curvy Girl Chic http://www.curvygirlchic.com/ facebook twitter instagram
20. GarnerStyle http://www.garnerstyle.blogspot.com/ facebook twitter instagram
21. My Curves & Curls http://www.mycurvesandcurls.com/ facebook twitter instagram
22. Nicolette Mason http://www.nicolettemason.com/ facebook twitter instagram
23. Margie Plus http://www.margieplus.com/ facebook twitter instagram
24. Nadia Aboulhosn http://www.nadiaaboulhosn.com/ facebook twitter instagram
25. Forever Fabulous in Bows http://foreverfabulousinbows.blogspot.com/ facebook twitter instagram
26. Jay Miranda http://jaymiranda.com/ facebook twitter instagram
27. Le Blog de Big Beauty http://www.leblogdebigbeauty.com/en/ facebook twitter instagram
28. Everything Curvy and Chic http://www.everythingcurvyandchic.com/ facebook twitter instagram
29. Curious Fancy http://curiousfancy.com/ facebook twitter instagram
30. A Rose Like This http://aroselikethis.blogspot.com/ facebook twitter instagram
31. The Wardrobe Challenge http://thewardrobechallenge.co.uk/ facebook twitter instagram
32. Weesha’s World http://iamweesha.com/ facebook twitter instagram
33. Glam By Runa http://www.runaazam.com/ facebook instagram
34. Glamshutter http://blog.glamshutter.com/ facebook twitter instagram
35. Ushshi http://dresscarcass.com/ facebook twitter instagram
36. Petite Plus, Meow! https://petiteplusmeow.wordpress.com/ facebook instagram
37. ON THE Q TRAIN http://www.ontheqtrain.com/ facebook twitter instagram
38. Kirstin Marie http://www.kirstinmarie.com/ facebook twitter instagram
39. Ashley Rose http://www.thisisashleyrose.com/ facebook twitter instagram
40. Styled by REAH http://styledbyreah.com/ facebook twitter instagram
41. DANIMEZZA http://www.danimezza.com/ facebook twitter instagram
42. Fat in the City http://www.fatinthecity.com/ facebook twitter instagram
43. The Plus Side Of Me http://theplussideofme.com/ twitter instagram
44. Golden Kaleidoscope http://essiegolden.blogspot.com/ facebook twitter instagram
45. Plus Size Beausion http://www.chardline.com/ facebook twitter instagram
46. Flawscouture http://www.flawscouture.com/ facebook twitter instagram
47. Geek With Style http://geekwithstyle.ca/ facebook twitter instagram
48. Queen Sized Flava http://queensizedflava.com/ facebook twitter instagram
49. Big Hips, Red Lips http://www.bighipsredlips.com/ facebook twitter instagram
20. Killer Kurves http://www.killerkurves.ca/ facebook twitter instagram
51. Oh, the Places You’ll Go! http://boombands.blogspot.com/ facebook twitterinstagram
52. Sticky Sweet Danish http://stickysweetdanish.blogspot.com/ facebook twitter instagram

Which plus size bloggers you love above? Or who is your favorite bloggers?

Share your thought now! All our plus size sisters would love to hear that.

Fashion Plus Size Blog List 2016

plus size blog list

Unlimited Plus Size Blog List 2016

If you are a plus size women, I think you would like to know the different style of plus size fashion.

Do not know how the find the plus size blog?
Do not know which style clothing fit for you?
Do not know what size of clothing you wear?

Today, we will list out the most fashionable, informative, inspirational, hilarious plus size blogs accumulated for your curvy reading pleasure and fashionable enjoyment. You will find all kinds of inspiration from this plus size blog list! By the way, make sure you bookmark it for your future reference because of the list is constantly evolving and growing.

If I have missed some of great plus size blog you like or your blog, please feel free to contact us!

Amarachi Ukachuhttp://www.amarachiukachu.com/
An Olive a Dayhttp://an-olive-a-day.blogspot.com/
A Rose Like Thishttp://aroselikethis.blogspot.com/
Bella Styleshttp://www.bellastyles.com/
Big Hips, Red Lipshttp://www.bighipsredlips.com/
Blog To Be Alivehttp://blogtobealive.com/
Bonjour Gazelhttp://www.bonjourgazel.com/
Boom Bandshttp://boombands.blogspot.com/
Buttons Bows and Brogueshttp://buttonsbowsandbrogues.blogspot.com/
By Anikahttp://www.byanika.com/
Chic and Curvyhttp://www.chicandcurvy.com/
Cid Style Filehttp://www.cidstylefile.com/
Corazones Rojoshttp://corazonesrojos.tumblr.com/
Curvaceous In The Cityhttp://www.ifcurvescouldtalk.com/
Curves Become Herhttps://curvesbecomeher.wordpress.com/
Curvy Canadianhttp://www.curvycanadian.blogspot.com/
Curvy CEOhttp://www.curvyceo.com/
Curvy Claudiahttp://www.curvyclaudia.blogspot.co.at/
Curvy Divashttp://curvydivas.com/
Curvy Girl Chichttp://curvygirlchic.blogspot.com/
Curvy Goddess Loungehttp://www.curvygoddesslounge.com/
Cupcakes Clotheshttp://www.cupcakesclothes.com/
Curious Fancyhttp://curiousfancy.com/
Danielle Vanierhttp://www.daniellevanier.co.uk/
Death Fattieshttp://deathfatties.tumblr.com/
Diary of a Fatshionistahttp://diaryofafatshionista.blogspot.com/
Dress Carcasshttp://dresscarcass.com/
Everything Curvy and Chichttp://www.everythingcurvyandchic.com/
Fashion, Love, and Martinishttp://www.fashionloveandmartinis.blogspot.com/
Fashion Haleyhttp://www.fashionhayley.com/
Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too!http://fatgirlslikeniceclothestoo.wordpress.com/
Fat Shopaholichttp://www.fatshopaholic.com/
Fat Aushttp://www.fat-aus.com/
Fatshion Chichttp://www.fatshionchic.com/
Flight of the Fat Girlhttp://flightofthefatgirl.com/
From the corners of the Curvehttp://www.fromthecornersofthecurve.com/
Fat in the Cityhttp://www.fatinthecity.com/
Forever Fabulous in Bowshttp://foreverfabulousinbows.blogspot.com/
Franceta Johnsonhttp://blog.francetajohnson.com/
Friends in My Closethttp://friendsinmycloset.blogspot.ca/
Forever Fabulous in Bowshttp://foreverfabulousinbows.blogspot.com/
Full of Curveshttp://www.flawscouture.com/
Girl With Curveshttp://girlwithcurves.tumblr.com/
Gorgeous in Greyhttp://gorgeousingrey.com/
Grown and Curvy Womanhttp://www.grownandcurvywoman.com/
Girl With Curveshttp://girlwithcurves.com/
Geek With Stylehttp://geekwithstyle.ca/
Golden Kaleidoscopehttp://essiegolden.blogspot.com/
Ginger Won’t Snaphttp://www.gingerwontsnap.com/
I am Weeshahttp://iamweesha.com/
Inside Allie’s Worldhttp://www.insidealliesworld.com/
Jay Mirandahttp://jaymiranda.com/
Just Me, Leahhttp://www.justmeleah.co.uk/
Kirstin Mariehttp://www.kirstinmarie.com/
Killer Kurveshttp://www.killerkurves.ca/
Latest Wrinklehttp://latest-wrinkle.com/
Life and Style of Jessicahttp://www.lifeandstyleofjessica.com/
LesLieJoan is Herehttp://lesliejoanishere.wordpress.com/
Lolly Likes Fatshionhttp://lollylikesfatshion.blogspot.com/
Le Blog de Big Beautyhttp://www.leblogdebigbeauty.com/en/
Lovely in LAhttp://www.lovelyinla.com/
Luvin’ My Curveshttp://luvinmycurves.blogspot.com/
Most Beautifullesthttp://www.mostbeautifullest.com/
Margot Meaniehttp://margotmeanie.com/
Monochrome & Simonehttps://monochromeandsimone.wordpress.com/
Musings of a Fatshionistahttp://www.musingsofafatshionista.com/
Margie Plushttp://www.margieplus.com/
My Curves & Curlshttp://www.mycurvesandcurls.com/
Nicolette Masonhttp://nicolettemason.com/
Nadia Aboulhosnhttp://nadiaaboulhosn.blogspot.com/
Nicolette Masonhttp://nicolettemason.blogspot.com/
Nik Starhttp://nikstarr.blogspot.com/
Nadia Aboulhosnhttp://www.nadiaaboulhosn.com/
Nicolette Masonhttp://www.nicolettemason.com/
ON THE Q TRAINhttp://www.ontheqtrain.com/
Plus Size Princesshttp://www.plussizeprincess.com/
Plump to Prettyhttp://blogspot.plumptopretty.in/
Plus Size Beausionhttp://www.chardline.com/
Petite Plus, Meow!https://petiteplusmeow.wordpress.com/
Queen Sized Flavahttp://queensizedflava.com/
Rachel GeeBeehttp://www.rachelgeebee.com/
Round Raglan Roadhttp://www.roundraglanroad.com/
Robyn Lawleyhttp://www.andigetdressed.com/
Regina and Peachtreehttps://reginaandpeachtree.wordpress.com/
Plus Model Mag- The Bloghttp://plus-model-mag.com/
Plus Shehttp://www.plusshe.com/
Pocket Rockethttp://www.pocketrocketfashion.com/
Polished Plushttp://polishedplus.blogspot.com/
Return to Senderhttp://www.tabayag.com/
She Might Be Lovedhttp://www.shemightbeloved.com/
Show Pony Kidzhttp://www.showponykidz.blogspot.com/
Skinny Emmiehttp://skinnyemmie.com/
Stylish Curveshttp://www.stylishcurves.net/
Sticky Sweet Danishhttp://stickysweetdanish.blogspot.com/
Styled by REAHhttp://styledbyreah.com/
Saks in the Cityhttp://saksinthecity.blogspot.com/
Stylish Curveshttp://stylishcurves.com/
The Big Girl Bloghttp://thebiggirlblog.blogspot.com/
The Fat and Skinny on Fashionhttp://www.thefatandskinnyonfashion.com/
The Curvy Ellehttp://www.thecurvyelle.com/
The CurvyGurl Chronicleshttp://www.curvygurlchronicles.com/
The Jenesaisquoihttp://thejenesaisquoi.blogspot.com/
This is Ashley Rosehttp://www.thisisashleyrose.com/
The Plus Side Of Mehttp://theplussideofme.com/
The Glitter Threadhttp://www.theglitterthread.com/
Too Many Sequinshttp://toomanysequins.blogspot.com/
The Sonshuhttp://www.thesonshu.com/
The Wardrobe Challengehttp://thewardrobechallenge.co.uk/
The Curvy Fashionistahttp://thecurvyfashionista.com/
Xxelle Fatshionhttp://xxellefatshion.blogspot.ca/
Wait Until The Sunsethttp://www.waituntilthesunset.com/
Willow Curveshttp://www.willowcurves.com/