Fashion Tips for Steel Boned Corsets

Fashion Tips for Steel Boned Corsets

Steel Boned Corsets

Women have always loved to show their curves and wearing a corset is the perfect way to accentuate the curves you want and to hide the ones you do not. Women wear steel boned corsets to from elegant & feminine look and bring drama to any outfit. Women in steel boned corsets will never fail to impress. Steel boning has been used in corsetry for hundreds of years and slowly replaced whalebone-type boning because of its higher quality and longer lasting life. Corsetieres prefer steel boning because it forms a better shape and can easily be pre-shaped to enhance the natural curves of the body to create shapelier look. Steel boned corsets are perfect for a woman who likes a tight-laced corset. In addition, it also provides additional back support by ensuring a straight back and sexier silhouette. Therefore, if you are looking for a corset that will give you a truly curvaceous and sexy look, you may consider investing your money in a steel boned corset.

How to Choose Corset Style

There are predominantly two basic corset styles on the market – overbust corsets and underbust corsets. Each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The choice is yours and it depends on your own preference.

An underbust corset begins just under the breasts and extends down to the hips. It may vary in height and often refers to terming waist cincher. In general, these types of corsets are preferable for waist training. Many women prefer this type of corset because they are significantly less noticeable beneath clothing and a lot cozier for daily use. Underbust corsets are perfect for women with smaller breasts, by reducing waistline size, this corsets tends to emphasize or draw attention to the breasts. The best results will be achieved if you wear your corset with an uplifting or padded bra. Women with larger breasts may also benefit from an underbust style because it offers more comfort when wearing, and is less restricting while breathing. Lately, underbust corsets have become very popular as a part of outwear garment and can be easy added to daily wardrobe. They can be worn on the top of any dress, blouse or shirt to create a curvier and more attractive silhouette.

An overbust corset encloses a women’s torso, extending from just under the arms to the hips. The primary effect is to lift or compress the breasts while accentuating and narrowing the waistline. Some corsets, depending on individual style stop at the top of the hips while others such as long line corsets may extend down over the hips. The primary benefits of wearing overbust corset include lifting of the breasts, visually elongating the waistline to create longer bodyline, and flattening the tummy. The overbust corset also provide a great style for outwear. Most overbust corset offer graceful Victorian style neckline that draws attention to women’s chest, gives opportunity to wear different kind accessories to create stylish outfit for every day look, and on the other hand are great for striking eveningwear look.

Why Buy a Steel Boned Corset

Let us do not forget about health benefits of wearing steel boned corsets in general. High quality steel boned corsets offers great benefit to improving the posture from being tightly bound. Steel boned corsets makes you sit and stand up straight, ultimately reducing the amount of stress placed on the back when a person slouches. They are also able to reduce pain and discomfort related to skeletal and muscular conditions. Some women who have large busts find it easy to relieve back pain by wearing corsets every day. Corsets can also help with weight loss buy compressing and reducing abdominal part and stomach and help to reduce hunger.

Your choose of corset style will depend on your needs and your taste in fashion. Both styles will benefit you in many ways and you might consider purchasing both overbust and underbusting corset for different occasions and ability to create your own style. However, just make sure you buy best quality steel boned corset to get your moneys worth.

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