Fashion Tips for Plus Size Babydoll Lingerie Plus Size Babydoll Lingerie has become very popular and more manufacturers are starting to offer stylish and well designed lingerie in order to satisfy the increasing demand for plus size intimate items. Babydolls are one of the most popular styles of lingerie and sleepwear. It isn’t just pretty […]

Fashion Tips for Steel Boned Corsets Steel Boned Corsets Women have always loved to show their curves and wearing a corset is the perfect way to accentuate the curves you want and to hide the ones you do not. Women wear steel boned corsets to from elegant & feminine look and bring drama to any […]

Fashion Tips for How to Dress for Plus Size Women Fashion Rules are Meant to be Broken Fashion is like an octopus, always change its shapes and colors, and tend to create a dilemma for some women on how to dress a curvy body in style while looking fabulous all the time. For years retailers […]

Weight Loss and Relationships Do skinny people have all the fun? Some women or man when in a long-term relationship start feeling too comfortable with their lives and the way they look. Quiet evenings watching TV with a large plate of snacks, home cooked food, spending weekends at home feeling lazy and completely happy about […]

Plus Size Shrugs Everybody needs to look and feel great in what they are wearing, particularly if it’s for an extraordinary event. While we all want to enjoy our summer, being plus sized means once in a while covering up slightly more than some other ladies, even in the warmth. Numerous plus size ladies feel […]

52 Amazing Fashion Plus Size Bloggers You Should Know Your fashion should be a mirror image of your personal style and liking. But for plus size girls, this is not the case. They often think that fashion is not their cup of tea, and hence, they should only style them up with basic clothes. This […]

5 Ways to Find Plus Size Stores Near Me Do you know how to find a local plus size store? How to find plus size stores near me? What plus size stores nearby? Maybe you have the same questions above if you are a curvy/plus size women. Well, there are many way to find, such […]

Unlimited Buying Guide for Plus Size Shapewear Everybody should appreciate their body. It does not matter what what size or shape they are. However, there are also those who can feel self-conscious about their size and shape or about certain body parts. Those in this category are often those who find themselves wearing plus size […]

Unlimited Buying Guide for Plus Size Lingerie A woman who is a plus size has a great opportunity to show off her curves by wearing some beautiful lingerie. It does not matter if it is being worn for her lover, or if she desires to wear something soft and silky when she goes to bed. […]

Unlimited Buying Guide for Plus Size Skirts It is crystal clear that the process of purchasing for plus-sized women is a daunting task. There are reasons for this including; Most local women’s’ stores are known to have a very few collection of clothes that are plus size, and that includes plus size skirts. Moreover, certain […]